Saturday, 25 February 2012

Thursday Through the Keyhole- a tad late! (Living Room)

So, I'm aware I was a bit naughty and missed last week (I'm blaming the hectic half-term) and I'm late this week too-sorry. This week I'm sharing a little peak at the living room:
{A combination of old and new: Ben's castle he made in year one next to the typewriter my dad gave me for my 16th. I find 'tat' comes and goes from my home but sentimental pieces are guaranteed a place forever}

{A pile of ceramic coasters next to a beautiful wooden panel I bought in Greece}

{One of Ben's early paintings, he made quite a lot of these which we gave as gifts. The books in the shelving unit are organised by colour but Murakami has his own section as I adore his books}

{The living room is a mixture of modern and traditional and I thought this light fitted well with both. I bought it after seeing viewing  Stella McCartney's Lucky Spot at Belsay Hall so perhaps that influenced me. Oh, and let's pretend there's not a bulb out!}

{Steve's vinyl and some boards games. We encourage Ben to keep to a 'three toys downstairs at a time' rule but we always have some board games at the ready}

{Thought I'd include these bad boys as they're the one thing I've ever brought home that Steve despises! It's a testament to true love that, despite this, they currently take pride of place on the mantel place!}

Other rooms still to go: bathroom , kitchen, Ben's room, garden, spare room, passage. Phew! 


  1. thanks or the fun glimpse!! interesting pieces with a history!!
    happy weekend!

  2. Oh my! Great collection of Murakami books! I have only read Kafka on the Shore and Sputnik Sweetheart, but I do believe he deserves his own section! And the ceiling light is pretty gorgeous, too! ;)