Sunday, 5 February 2012

Thoughts on Valentine's Day

Although Steve would probably describe me as 'romantic in a weird way', I do enjoy Valentine's Day. I wouldn't want to go out to a crowded restaurant but love the idea of spoiling each other a little more than normal- made easier this year by the fact that we're both off- yipee!

On Thursday, a lovely friend is having a Valentine craft night at her house. I'll be sure to share anything lovely but so far my thoughts on Valentines are looking like this:

Handmade Cards:
I love this card but as it's in the US, it would never get here on time. Instead, I plan to sketch (by that I mean trace!) my own fox on the front of a card but use the same slogan. That's Steve's card sorted.

For Ben, I plan to either stick or draw a king of hearts card onto the card with the slogan 'king of my heart'. 

I want to do a simple photo of Ben covered in my bright red lipstick kisses, again, stuck to a card with the simple message 'A Valentine Kiss For You' to all the grandparents. I think this would work with all ages and would be especially cute with babies.

If you like the idea of making a card, a few other places to seek inspiration are here (kid friendly), here and of course here.

I think this is amazing and am planning to make one each for my boys at the craft night. It's simple yet sweet and the bits I need cost me around £6- bargain!

Edible Goodies:
I'm utterly obsessed with these cake/ cookie moulds after seeing them on Bakearella. It may be a bit late for me for Valentines but when I have time to browse properly, I'l certainly be making a purchase.

I'll update after Thursday, hopefully I'll be choc full of handmade Valentine ideas to share with you then. Please feel free to share links to your Valentine posts. x


  1. this is so cute u wanna celebrate valentine's day =) usually I have a dinner with my bf at his house and he gets me so many presents...this year I wanna do something different, just don't know what!!!! any idea?? I don't wanna go out for

  2. those are some great ideas! i'm usually not big on valentine's but with my kids getting older i want them to know what valentine's is for; showing those you love how much you care for them! we are going to make valentine sugar cookies and leave a plate on our loved ones doorsteps! a new tradition hopefully! And thanks so much for commenting on my blog, i love hearing from new people! :)

  3. Thank you both for commenting! I hate the idea of a crowded restaurant so nice ideas in the past include: a picnic on the bed with a cheesy but funny movie, anything that kids would normally do e.g. visit a fun fair, bowling, petting farm etc. If you don't have to be at work/ have kids and live near one (!), a really late walk on the beach is wonderful- I went one year when it was tipping it down but it was lovely. Rx

    Love the cookie idea Leticia. Rx