Saturday, 28 July 2012

Weekend Toast

First off, I should say that I feel rather cheeky labelling this in the recipe section as it barely takes any crafting! That said, sometimes the simple things are the sweetest. This is one of Ben's favourite weekend 'treats'. On a weekend we like to have something more substantial for breakfast but on the days where we don't have time, I simply add a bit of edible glitter and a few sprinkles (the type you use for cupcakes) to Ben's toast and regular topping and there you have it- special weekend toast! It's even become a bit of a hit when he has friends over and I have mums asking me what the special weekend toast is!

Secondly, apologies for being missing from the world of blogging for so long. Sky have been rather slow at sorting our phone line when it went off OVER THREE WEEKS AGO (shakes fist in angry rage)! Nevermind, it's back on now and probably the most exciting thing missed is that my brother and his partner Kim are expecting a baby boy! Needless to say we're all very excited at the moment. I feel frustrated that we've just got internet access back and we're off again on our holidays next week so that'll be a month with no blogging! I promise I'll make up for it when I return with many gorgeous photos of France... I can't wait! 

Very exciting times in the Sanderson Smith household!xxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Stuff I wear... for the 'rents' anniversary meal

My mum and dad celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary a few weeks ago- forty years! Wowza, so full of admiration for them! It's strange sometimes to think of them as a partnership and not just part of my own family unit, but they're clearly a team who work well together.

We popped into Newcastle a few days earlier and I picked up this colourful number in the sale from Primarni (Primarc) for a mere ten pounds. I initially bout it for France but as it's lined in some cheap, nasty fabric, I realised it would be far too hot. Instead, I was forced to wear it with grim black tights due to our terrible English weather. The belt came with it and I love the cheeky flash of flesh on the back too. 


{Back. Hard to see but hair is in a teeny tiny bun, tied with a black ribbon}

{The side view, mid-turn, while telling Steve not to chop my legs off}

If you live in the North East of England, we went to Cafe Twenty One and I'd highly recommend it: there were nine of us (each having three courses) and each dish was flawless.

Happy Friday

PS- Thank you all for the well wishes for Ben. He's on the mend now and his mischievous grin has returned (which is always reassuring).

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Top of the Pox!

Our poor little boy has been hit with chicken pox! It's all about camomile lotion and medicine in our house at the moment. He's being incredibly brave, especially considering he has them in: his mouth, his ears, close to his eyes and lots of other places you wouldn't want want red, sore, itchy, scabby spots! Bless him.

Get well soon my gorgeous boy!xxx