Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

On Sunday, my Dad had his birthday. As we had a wedding later that day, we decided to have a birthday breakfast at our house.
{Me and Steve did our best to feed the family}
{A Grandad sized cupcake}
{Ben was very proud of this handmade gift: a fimo Grandad and Gizzy}
{Breakfast was a hit}

We squeezed in a quick feeding of the ducks and game of football in the park:
{Our local park}
{Sadly the boats couldn't go on the water due to the ice}
{Ben saying goodbye to Gizzy: he was staying at our parents while we were away a couple of nights}

Happy Birthday Dad- 61 and still a head full of blonde curls!


  1. I LOVE your son's curls. My son has them too, although he is losing them some, as he gets older. :)

    1. I don't know if you read any of my earlier posts but Ben recently cut his own fringe off! Was gutted that we might have to virtually scalp him, we made the decision to just leave him with his silly looking hair until his fringe grows back! I couldn't bring myself to cut off all his beautiful long curls. Rx