Sunday, 24 June 2012

The best laid plans... Father's Day

I had Father's Day all planned out: we would go to the cinema, then on a steam train ride and finally into Newcastle for lunch. But no. The universe had other plans.

We arrived at the cinema to locked doors, I can only assume that I got the times wrong. It was too early to go on the steam train so we decided to head straight to Newcastle- but it was so early everything was shut! Well, by now I was in a right stroppy mood! Everything I had planned was going wrong and I started doing that 'Grrrr, why is everything against me today...?' negative train of thought thing.

So, Steve suggested we get a coffee while we waited for things to open. We sat, we laughed, we talked. All seemed right with the world again. We grabbed some noodle and some tasty treats, we floated round the shops, did nothing in particular- but just had an uber relaxed day.

It was a day where you realise that sometimes it doesn't matter if things don't go to plan and really, there's no point in stressing the small stuff. There are other things that are more important, like who you chose to spend your life with. I'm glad it's these guys.

Hope you all had a lovely day (and sorry I'm a week late in passing on good wishes).xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Hayley and Karl's Wedding

It was a blissful day of perfection. In the words of Phobe Buffay: "He's her lobster!"

{The first dance}

{The wheels}

{A brave pose!}

{ Ben and the best man!}

{Delicate, elegant tables}

{The best friend's a girl could wish for}

{Handsome chaps}

{With the bridesmaids}

{Jenny: my longest friendship- 26 years so far!}

{The top table}

A HUGE congratulations to Mr and Mrs

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stuff I Wear... for a Friend's Wedding.

I didn't take a specific outfit picture so I'm afraid there isn't a back view (basically the netting dips from the shoulders into a low V that stops where it meets the pale lilac bodice). The dress is from Coast and was originally £200 but I got it when it was half price. It was still the most I've ever paid for a dress but I was utterly smitten with it (no longer in sale section so can't link- sorry). I rationalised the purchase by telling myself that it isn't particularly in fashion, ergo, it will never go out of fashion! I bought it earlier this year and I've already worm it to two weddings and a prom so I'm adamant I'll get good value for money in terms of cost per wear! It did originally have a black satin belt round the waist but as I've lost a stone since Christmas (go me!)so I had to just tie a black ribbon round my waist (luckily I bought the size 10 and it's stretchy fabric so the dress itself still fits fine).

The shoes (barely seen) are just plain flesh toned pumps from New Look. I don't think they sell the version I purchased which have a higher heel and were in wide fit (to accommodate my ogre width feet) but these are similar- link! The bag was a pale cream clutch with subtle beading, it was from a charity shop for a mere £1 so I'm afraid I can't offer a link.  

I describe this dress as my 'Audrey Hepburn' dress because it just feels like a classic I could still be wearing in fifteen years. 

I will be doing a full post on the wedding soon but until then... xxx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On (a sanctuary of a shop)

If you live in England, I'm sure you'll have seen this on posters, door mats, bags etc:

Well, the original poster was found at a wonderful second hand book store in Alnwick called Barter Books-link! It's just the most enchanting place for several reasons: 

1. It is the second biggest secondhand book shop in England so there's LOADS of choice.
2. They have real fires and comfy chairs; you're encouraged to curl up with a pile of books before committing to buying.
3. A lovely coffee shop.
4. You can take your old books and get credit for them which you can use to purchase other pre-loved books- although it's a thriving business, nothing about this place reeks of consumerism (which makes a change from most shops).
5. They also sell DVDS and vinyl.
6. Not only do they have a kids section, they have a special sections of older/ rarer/ early-edition books for a special gift. For Valentine's Day, we bought Ben a beautiful illustrated early edition of 'Wind in the Willows'. 
7. It has a train set that goes round the ceiling! 

Half of my degree was literature, I teach English and am an avid reader but regardless of your taste in literature, I would defy anyone not to love this place.

If you're ever in the North-East of England, I can highly recommend it.
{Loads of choice}
{Comfy seats}
{Fab children's section}
{Train that goes around the ceiling}
{Ben on one of the scooters for children to scoot round on}
{Me questioning Steve on which book to pick for Ben}

This is a place that is magical for both children and adults: a real