Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sweet Valentine

I have been so excited to post about this: the fruits of our Valentine craft night and also some Valentine cards I've made. I'll start with the craft night:

Firstly we all had a go at making these:
{Heart shaped crayons}

They were so easy, full instruction here. Simply snap up old crayons into pieces around 1cm (depending on colour effect you'd like); we didn't have enough old crayons but you can get new boxes of cheap crayons from around £1 at cheap shops. Experience taught us that it was best to only layer the crayons around 2-3cm deep in the case. For casing, we used plastic type of cupcake cases:
We heated the oven, popped them on a baking tray and heated them until they were melted. Top tips? When they are 80% melted and the kitchen starts smelling of melting crayons, that's when to take them out. Also, use a baking tray with a side so when you remove them from the oven you can pour some cold water in the bottom to set them quickly. That's it, job done! 
{Can you tell we were pleased with the outcome?}

Next, we all got on with our own projects. As I said earlier, I'd bought these things:
To make this. Now, mine are certainly not as neat, but for somebody who doesn't usually stitch and with no template, I thought the outcome was pretty cute:

{To make both of these took about 40 minutes in total and less than £6 for materials}

Laura made this beautiful garland in about 20 minutes using felt- amazing! She used plain white felt, heart felt coasters purchased from Asda (Wallmart in the US) and some red ribbon.
Now, to the cards. For Ben I made this:
Super easy to make:
1. Use blank cream card (I used bought cards but you could just use normal card and fold).
2. Stick down two foam hearts at an angle (I bought mine from a craft shop but you could just cut two out of red card).

3. Stick a playing card on top (told you this was easy)!
3.Using clear nail varnish, cover two of the hearts and dust with red glitter.

For Steve:

Super easy to make:
1.I traced this sketch of a fox as I'm truly awful at drawing!
2.Stick sketch onto coloured paper
3.Use glitter to highlight (stuck on using clear nail varnish)
The insides:
1.I used a stamper set from the ELC fro the writing, then small envelopes I had from a card making set. 
2.I put Love Hearts in here with messages for my boys.
Only question now, what do I do with the leftovers?
Hope you are all looking forwards to Valentines Day. I'm off to go and have a game of Lego with Ben- happy Saturday folks!x


  1. These are all so adorable! I might copy your wonderful card ideas for my boyfriend. :)
    By the way, you asked about my boots, I bought them at a garage sale!

  2. Typical! I always find if I ask somebody about an item it's either years old or a present from an unknown place. Rx

  3. I love all the crafts you made, especially those heart shaped crayons! What a great idea :)

  4. These are so cute! What great ideas!

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :-) I thought I'd answer them all in one hit - I sadly don't do anything to my skin except apply make up haha (about once a month I get bullied into exfoliating and so that also occurs?) and also how did you find 'Out of Africa'?! I sincerely hope you liked it!! x

  5. i love this! i have always wanted to make those crayons! so fun for kiddies!

  6. I love these cards!! They are getting me soooo excited to send out Valentines!

  7. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  8. Whoa! Your diy gift and cards are just lovely!! Amazingly creative! Love the idea for Val's Day cards! We'd love to read more, so, following for sure!! ;) Oh and FYI, we have a Val's Day special DIY tutorial on our new blogpost. We hope you could drop by if you have time! ;) HAPPY VAL'S DAY gorgeous!!

    MLU the blog.

  9. yay craft day!! love the cards... super cute! xoxo B

  10. Look at you! You go girl!!! Happy Valentine's day;)