Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Summary

A quick summary of how the weekend looked for us:

{Horses we spotted on the way home from our Saturday walk}

{Had to buy this salad to go with dinner, after all, it's clearly meant for Steve!}

{Plates at Great Grandma's- don't you love how the elderly often have the most eccentric and interesting collections?}

{Ben supping on a coke float at a cafe, that's coke and ice-cream and defo recommended}

{Love the clock on this building, really reminds me of Newcastle}

{Leaving Great Grandma's}

Where did it go folks? I swear somebody pinches away the weekend hours while I'm not watching. R x


  1. Great pictures! I agree, old people have the weirdest collections

  2. I know, her others include teddies, silver teaspoons and glass dome paperweights. I'm sure I'll end up there one day. Rx

  3. Ben looks incredibly cute! And I love your hair! Both photos are just lovely :-)

  4. Ahhh thank you. My hair is a bit dry and crusty (nice) at the ends at the moment from the bleach, I really need to have the ends chopped. Rx