Friday, 3 February 2012

Fringe Benefits

So, a few Friday surprises thrown in to make the average Friday a little more, er, surprising.

This was created by my dad on their fridge:

Isn't it cool? I love that he got my big Roman nose and witches' chin just right! Steve showed me this one that was on the night before when he'd collected him:

Really made me smile, it just amazed me how creative my dad is. Even his doodles look like beautiful art!

Sooo... that was one lovely Friday surprise (I'm saving the horrible-but funny- shocker for last). The other good one was that I was awarded the Friday prize that I did for my staff training on Tuesday which was a lovely surprise.

Finally, I always check Ben before I go to sleep. I did so last night after Fat Fighters Slimming World (lost 3lb by the way!, but didn't notice that he'd (gulp) CUT HIS OWN FRINGE! Yes, that's right, he went through the childhood rite of passage of taking a pair of nail scissors and cutting off his fringe because it was 'in his eyes'.

 {The HORROR!}

Mortified, not just by the fringe but that he was unaccompanied with nail scissors hacking away merrily so close to his eyes! Reluctantly, he let us get some pictures for when he's older. This was the one attempt:

But Steve pointed out we had tiny sleepy morning eyes (who would have thought it at 07:00 on a Friday morning) so we did our best super-huge awake eyes for the next one:

Oh well! His hair is really thick and curly so he'll just have to suffer silly hair until it grows back! 

Happy Friday everybody. x

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  1. Haha, I love this! I've had a terrible fringe haircut moment when a friend offered.. Never, EVER again. Very cute that he actually indulged and let you capture this moment - he'll regret it!