Sunday, 5 February 2012

All white now...

So, after a certain sleepy man did this last night...

{Falling asleep in Mammy and Daddy's bed- an occasional weekend treat}

Outside, this started to happen...

{Signature courtesy of next door's cat}

But sadly, there wasn't enough of the white stuff to allow this to come out of its box:

{One of the presents Santa left at Grandma and Grandad's: a sledge with steering (not motorised thank goodness or I'd have a heart attack!}

Keep dreaming and praying Ben! In other news, I'm defiantly going to follow this great food idea. Starting with the recipe for a tasty, low-fat paella I made last night. It'll be appearing on Friday.

Can't believe it's already Sunday. We're off to see 'TinTin' I think as the Empire Cinema in Newcastle have a good weekend deal where a less recent film is shown for £1- even cheaper then Odeon's deal I blogged about last weekend! I love a bargain. x


  1. Thats an amazingly cheap night out! I hope it snows again tonight so your son can have fun in the snow x

  2. Yes, it was a bargain! Less than £9 including two giant Ben and Jerry's ice-cream milkshakes. Lovely to hear from another UK blogger. R x