Monday, 27 May 2013

It's obvious he's a Pisces...

...just like his mammy! Finn took his first dip in the swimming pool today; we were prepared for him to hollar after about ten minutes but he lasted a full FORTY and didn't even cry when we got him out to get him changed!

The giant inflatables were also out and both Steve and I went sliding off them in a ridiculous manner. Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of this, though the memory of a six foot four giant ginger man flying off a children's inflatable will be etched in my memory forever!



  1. Lovely :)

  2. So much fun!!

    PS. love your subject line :)

  3. Yay for Pisces!! What a fun way to spend the afternoon--

  4. lol the baby is very un sure :)!!!!

  5. you look amazing! my girls never like swimming until they are about a year so i'm jealous.

  6. finn is the most beautiful name! i love your blog - and don't sweat the style thing! go for what makes you feel good. i looove those zara heels. :-)

  7. Definitions of Finn
    a native or inhabitant of Finland or a person of Finnish descent.

    Pisces? horoscope? horoscopes do NOT exist is not proved by science is all made up. human stupidity.