Friday, 31 August 2012

Having a moment- rose gold watches.

So for a good few months now I have been actually, physically drooling over rose gold watches. In particular ones like these:

{Michael Kors}
{Marc Jacobs}

However, the only gold I own is costume jewellery, I'm much more a silver kinda gal. But seeing pretty watches like these on the arms of several bloggers whose style I admired had me lusting after one. Sadly though, I don't have the money/ friends in fashionable places that such bloggers do so, was I willing to invest over £200 in something I wasn't really sure was 'me'?

The short answer is no.

So, to satisfy my craving, last night I purchased this:

Next £22 Link!

This is now officially my 'trial' watch. I'm going to wear it for the next couple of months and if I love it, I'll invest in a more costly time piece in rose gold. If not? I could always re-purchase this watch (below) which I bought when I was 18 and loved so much I bought a second one at about 25 when the first one broke!

Honestly, who'd have thought something as simple as a watch would cause so much deliberation! xxx

Best in Show

Have you seen the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte enters Elizabeth Taylor into the dog show and is awarded 'best in show' because the judge fancies her (despite the dog being on heat)?

Well, imagine a scenario a million miles away from that in the glamour stakes and you have...

This is Gizzy, Ben and I completing the obstacle course for dogs at a local fayre. Despite only having three legs and not having a clue what to do (hence I had to run around and do it first), Gizzy managed to win a rosette!

I'm not going to lie to you folks, I have a feeling that EVERY dog who completed it (or even just took part if we're being totally honest) got one, but hey-ho, our Gizzy is officially best in show! xxx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

We're back!

Well, after a month in France (was it really a month? I'm not convinced, it felt far shorter), we've finally returned to cool and drizzly home. Looking at the positives, we have hundreds of fab memories and in some ways it's good to be home (mainly because it's lovely to have cooler temperatures that allow you to sleep through the night and we've missed Gizzy dog a ridiculous amount- we became dog perv's in France and petted any dog that would let us near it).

To be honest, I can't be faffed just yet to deal with the mountains of photos to share with you (I'll be selective, I promise), so instead I thought I'd tell share with you the weekend away for my parent's ruby wedding anniversary...

{Simon, Dad, Mum and me at High Force}

{Tree climbing}

{Crazed Grandad!}

We spent two days in Middleton in Teesdale (in County Durham), staying at the Forresters Bed and Breakfast. We'd been there before with Simon and Kim as a birthday present for Simon last year. The place itself is sweet with each room individually decorated and the food in the restaurant is too die for!

We spent the first day walking at High Force Waterfall and the second at Raby Castle, Ben loved getting close (but not too close) to all the gorgeous baby deer leaping around at that time of year. 

I'd say that as weekends go, it was pretty much perfect! 

{Ben and Steve relaxing after our long walk}

{Our bathroom- needless to say we spent some serious time in that tub!}

{Ben's lamb dinner- if only all kid's meals looked like this!}

Full France update soon xxx