Saturday, 25 February 2012

If you go down in the woods today...

This weekend, we're staying at Steve's parents (they're in Barcelona) and pretending we live here! Being here, combined with no T.V (see earlier post), is just the most relaxing thing ever.

Today, after lunch in a lovely cafe, we went on a beautiful walk and, despite the cold, we were just dazzled by spring bursting through:

{The cafe was so cute, they gave you a timer so you knew when your tea was brewed to perfection!}

{Carpet of snowdrops}

{Any twig/ stick/ branch immediately becomes a sword in Ben's hands}

{Meeting the pigs}

{Preston Clock Tower in Alnwick- can you spot Ben?}

{Autumn leaves and spring flowers sharing the grass}

{Cuddle in a corn filed}

{Such a beautiful day it almost looks fake!}

{Mushrooms growing on a stump}

Mmmm, I've noticed from doing this blog that on every walk I wear the same mismatching coat, hat and scarf! I do have others but these are the toastiest! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Rx


  1. Thanks for stopping by...
    It certainly is beautiful where you are today. All my boys have loved sticks/swords! ;)

  2. Love all the pictures--what a beautiful outing! Oh and I think you look lovely in your hat, scarf, and coat! I wouldn't have thought you were mis-matched at all! :-)

  3. What beautiful pictures!! And I think your scarf is just too adorable {mismatched is always best!}

  4. i LOVE staying at the parents! at least for me being still somewhat newly wed. it's like unlimited amounts of foods, ingredients, and heat/ac! haha it makes me so happy!

  5. These photos are brilliant! Thanks so much for stopping by and making me feel slightly more sane about my excessive amount of makeup! Your blog is beyond adorable! Xo Lori

  6. lovely photos :)
    just found your blog, excited to read more!