Thursday, 16 February 2012

Introducing Benjy...

I know this should be 'Thursday Through the Keyhole' but it's too dark to take decent photos so I'm going to wait until the morning. Instead, I thought I'd introduce Benjy...

This little chubster seemed annoyed he hadn't yet made it on the blog!
{What a poser!}
{Nom nom}

Benjy came to Ben from the Easter Bunny two years ago; Ben was going through a rather egocentric phase where everything was named after himself! He's not quite so chubby normally (Benjy, not Ben) but as it's been pretty awful over here weather wise, he's not getting out in his run very much.

For comedy value, here's one of Benjy last summer:
{Killer bunny-and much slimmer!}
{Don't worry it's just a strawberry.}

So, that's Benjy the Bunny.x


  1. Cute bunny :) Thank you for stopping by The Scarlett Letters, come by my blog sometime as well!

  2. aww..I got a bunny for my 16th birthday and I loved him! His name was Harry. he lived a good life and I miss him today :(

  3. Those photos with the strawberry juice are too funny! What an adorable member of the family~*

  4. So cute and chubby! Love the last picture! HA!

  5. Sorry to hear about Harry, it really is like losing a family member when you lose a pet. When something/one has lived a good and full life it makes it a lot easier to make peace with their death.Rx

  6. I have been trying to persuade my mum to let me get a bunny for AGES!! I really want one! Benjy is such a cutie :)

  7. i love that he looks like he is wearing lipstick in that last picture.

  8. ahhhhh!!! how freaking adorable!