Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bumpy bookends!

Yesterday was my lovely mum's 60th birthday! We went to see the fabulous Beautiful Burnout at Northern Stage  in Newcastle. My Dad has been itching to get a photo of his two grandsons 'in transit' and so here is Kim and I with our bumps at the theatre. Kim's 38 weeks and I'm 26 weeks now! How the time flies! Can't wait to snuggle my little nephew.

PS- Taking my mum to Harrogate at the weekend, any suggestions welcome!xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A super easy felt craft (heart created by hand)

Though I love crafty things, I'm afraid my skills in the 'crafty' department are somewhat, mmmmm, none existent simple.

That said, I was a little bit smug pleased about how this turned out. It's not going to fill you with awe but, if like me, you're not the most talented craftster (and yes, I did just make up that word) on the block, it may offer a little inspiration:

A Lovely Little Heart

You need:
  • felt (about 50p a sheet from Hobbycraft)
  • thread
  • buttons (I got a giant bag for 99p from Hobbycraft)
  • ribbon
  • stuffing (pulled from one of Ben's old soft toys)
  • fabric glue (again, Hobbycraft, £2.99)

1. Cut the your desired shape. To make two either fold fabric in half and cut at the same time of use the first shape as a template. You may want to pencil sketch onto the felt first.

2. Using fabric glue, stick buttons on (this holds design in place while you stitch). Once glue has dried (about 20 mins), stitch buttons on with thread. NB- it can be tough pushing needle through glued area so you may want to use one of those little rubber thumb protectors. 

3. Glue the two shapes together and leave about 20mins. Leave a gap to add the stuffing.

4.Stitch round the edge, don't worry if it's not perfect- the glue should hold the stuffing in and it all adds to the charm (at least that's what I told myself).

5. Stuff it- poor Spongebob!

6. Tuck a little piece of ribbon in the top, glue the gap where you inserted it and, when dried, stitch over that. 

Done! It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish but I found the whole experience really relaxing.I've since had a go at making bits on my friend's sewing machine and, I'm not going to lie, it's far easier and the results much more professional! I'll share those soon...

Take care and hope you're all having a lovely

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Summary (Life lately)

This isn't strictly restricted to Sunday but hey ho! Here's a summary of our half term escapades:
{A rare date night at a local Lebanese restaurant} 

{Tree climbing}

{Horse riding- how cute are the little ear muffs to keep the flies out? NB- Ben didn't have a helmet on as it was only a short guided walk}}

{A terrifying friendly scarecrow}

{And to think he's the father of my children!}

{On the farm}

Photos taken from both the Lakes and at home. Seriously don't know how the time crept away from us!

Hope you're all enjoyed the holidays if you were lucky enough to have half-term

Saturday, 3 November 2012

A walk in the clouds...

Literally! We were over 1500 ft above sea level for a walk in the Lakes. As we got to peak, the clouds drew in around and we found ourselves in the middle of a snow storm. There were a couple of hairy moments but we made it back down alive and it'll be one of my best memories of our time in the Lakes.

{Ice with that?}

{The brave explorers}

{Oh so cold! Ben has giant sleeves as he's wearing my jumper on top of his own layers; don't worry about me, I had my bump radiator to keep me warm! Believe it or not I only had a t-shirt under the coat but was still warm}

{Touch the sky! The tiny white pub bellow was where we warmed up in front of a lovely log fire afterwards}

{My boys}

{A little mountain hobbit Ben}

I treasured every moment of this day as I realise the chances are it'll be a couple of years before we'll be doing this again but I'm sure we'll enjoy buba-friendly walks instead!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Stuff I wear... for 'drinks' with friends (pregnancy)

And by drinks I mean diet coke and fruit juice! Excuse the poor photo quality, the room was pretty dark.

Necklace- Warehouse {old}
Shoes- Zara {old}

Next time I promise I'll take the photo in better light!xxx