Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Beaver in his natural habitat!

A very sleeping looking Ben having a snack after he returned from Beavers tonight. Seeing these photos reminded me that I really MUST sew his badges on! 

I made a tasty Slimming World Moussaka for dinner tonight, I also attempted some blueberry muffins that were truly disgusting! Ben ate the left over blueberries so at least it wasn't a total waste! Never-mind, I suppose you live and learn with new recipes. I'd love to know any healthy (but tasty) snacks you're cooking up at the minute. Let's hope tomorrow's cheesecake is better. Rx


  1. Oh man, I know the feeling starting a new recipe and then having it turn out awful. It is one of THE most frustrating thing because you have spent time and money on it, you still don't have anything good to eat and NOW you have to clean up the kitchen! It's the all time worst.


  2. Tell me about it! We're trying lots of new things at the moment which is great, but about one out of four are inedible- which is not so great! R x