Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cold as Ice

Cold as ice yes, but not quite 'snow cold'. We've had a couple of flakes, but despite Ben's prayers, nothing more.

We decided to brave the weather and went for a walk, but due to the weather, it didn't last long! This is Ben taking a photo of me and Steve while we (unsuccessfully) try not to look like our bottoms are freezing on a freezing cold metal bench!

We were more than happy to chase round the park after Ben in order to try and stay warm.

We managed to soak up the lovely scenery and fresh air for an hour...

After that we gave up and headed to the coffee shop! Steve opted for cream tea while I opted for carrot and ginger soup. Ben found a tasty biscuit but really, I just wanted to include this picture to give you a fringe update.

Bless him! Next weekend it's: my dad, Steve's mum and one of my best friends 30th birthdays- all on the same day! Really pleased that we managed to sort some of the presents today from local independent shops rather than relying on the big brand names in town. 

Hope you're enjoying the weekend. I'm off to make some soup and a vegetable paella for dinner- yum.x


  1. Where were these pictures taken? They look beautiful! And aren't you SO ready for winter to be over already?


  2. I know what you mean; in England it's been too mild for beautiful snow so instead we've just suffered cold and dark for what feels like forever! We go to work- it's dark, we go home- it's dark! Feel like I only glimpse the daylight on a weekend so we try to make the most of it... even when it's freezing! These were taken at Gibside in the North East of England. Rx