Tuesday, 4 September 2012

France (1) The House...

I have(gulp) many photos from France to sort through so I'll do my best to limit it to just a handful and spread them over a few posts.

I thought I'd start with just a few of Steve's parents house where we stayed during our time in France (except the three nights in Paris). 

The house itself is in the Burgundy area in a small village a few miles away from Cluny. It was the perfect place to catch up on napping and reading after a busy year!

{The steps up to the entrance}

{Crazy blue skies}

{The back of the house the night of the storm- more about that later!}

{Haystacks in the garden were a great obstacle course for Ben}

Back in the real world, Steve and I have been back at work since Monday and Ben starts his new school year tomorrow. I think Steve and I both feel pretty blessed to do a job that we love (teaching) despite all the bureaucracy and crazy political agendas! 

Hope you're all well.Rxxx


  1. Wow, that house is beautiful. So simple yet elegant. Hope you have fun!

  2. Love this post. The house is beautiful, I'm sure you had an amazing time there :)

  3. I'm so beyond jealous...sigh. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!!!

  4. love country living! the house looks peaceful and relaxing.


  5. Great pictures, I like it too much
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  6. Looks like agreat place, beautiful photos. Always wanted to go to France, and stay in country house. This house looks very elegant. Thank you for stopping by at my blog, I am your new follwoer ;o)

  7. I think the house is just so beautiful. I love the photo with the sheets in the wind, I think it is lovely. I hope you had fun on your trip Rachael.

  8. These photos are absolutely beautiful!! What a wonderful place :)