Friday, 31 August 2012

Having a moment- rose gold watches.

So for a good few months now I have been actually, physically drooling over rose gold watches. In particular ones like these:

{Michael Kors}
{Marc Jacobs}

However, the only gold I own is costume jewellery, I'm much more a silver kinda gal. But seeing pretty watches like these on the arms of several bloggers whose style I admired had me lusting after one. Sadly though, I don't have the money/ friends in fashionable places that such bloggers do so, was I willing to invest over £200 in something I wasn't really sure was 'me'?

The short answer is no.

So, to satisfy my craving, last night I purchased this:

Next £22 Link!

This is now officially my 'trial' watch. I'm going to wear it for the next couple of months and if I love it, I'll invest in a more costly time piece in rose gold. If not? I could always re-purchase this watch (below) which I bought when I was 18 and loved so much I bought a second one at about 25 when the first one broke!

Honestly, who'd have thought something as simple as a watch would cause so much deliberation! xxx


  1. That Michael Kors made my watch short-list last time I bought a watch!

    OMG you MUST check out dog shaming. It is even funnier than cat shaming.

  2. I think your watch is really pretty, and at a great price too! I am not really a gold kind of gal either, but I like the rose gold. I haven't worn a watch since I went on maternity leave when my daughter was born (almost eight years ago). I should probably consider putting one on. ;) Now following your blog on Bloglovin'. :)

  3. i love rose gold, following you =)

  4. I love rose gold--I have a tiny rose gold ring, that's all I can afford for now! The watches are pretty though!

  5. that watch you just purchased is amazing! I've been looking for a watch just like that! Just discovered your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower - hope you can check me out as well! xo

  6. I own the fossil one and I love it, best investment ever!

  7. Just wanted to update and say that so far I'm LOVING this watch. Also just found out that I'm owed a back payment from work so I'm seriously considering a more substantial investment in with one of the first three.Rx

  8. LOVE rose gold watches! I recently got my sister a Michael Kors one for her birthday! I love the mark jacobs too! A more economical option is ASOS!

    thanks for the follow! Keep checking back for more posts!

  9. Ooh, I love rose gold watches, too! They're so darling, and extremely classy. As soon as they become a bit less expensive, I want to give one a permanent place on my arm ;) Hope you just love your new one!

  10. I never thought I was much of a watch person (or a gold person)... and then I purchased my first rose gold watch and became obsessed. I wasn't sure how much I could match it with but I've ended up wearing it almost every day. I hope you're new watch is proving to be just as versatile!

  11. My hubby got me the MK one for my 30th birthday (he's the best !!!) and I actually really love to mix rose gold with silver ! I also got a rose gold charm at Fossil that I use as a pendant. But if I had to pay myself, I would have got the fossil watch, way less expensive (and Fossil is actually making the watches for MK !!!)

    Love the one you choose, really pretty !

    1. I think the Fossil one may be the one I plump for in the end as (we're trying to save at the minute) I'm not sure I can justify the expense of the others.X