Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Summary

On Saturday we headed into Newcastle as Ben had his break dancing class at Dance City; it's a bit of a win/ win situation as Ben loves the class and Steve and I get to relax and have some time to ourselves in the coffee shop.

We were really hungry by lunch time so stopped for a tasty slice of pizza at a sweet little place we've been to a few times in the Grainger Market.

You think we'd have had our fill after that, but no! We then headed to a bakery in China Town (on Stowell Street) to try the some Chinese pastries, I opted for milk and peanut butter, Steve for beef and Ben for pork- we were all very impressed and it cam to under £2 for the three of us, crazy! I think it could become a Saturday ritual. 

In the evening I popped over to see my parents for a cuppa while Ben had a friend from school over, his dad is a friend of Steve's too so they had a couple of drinks and caught up. 

I slipped off to bed at eleven which is actually a late night for me these days!

Despite the weather being against us, we headed off early to Cherryburn in Stocksfield. Defying the drizzle, we still had a lovely time...

  • Finger and print painting:

  • Saying hello to the alpacas (Steve is a bit obsessed with them):

  • Exploring Thomas Bewick's (artist) childhood home:

  • Building dens:

  • And finally, trying really hard NOT to share our picnic with the chickens!

And now, as much as I'm trying to deny that the weekend is nearly over, I'm starting to realise that the pile of washing and marking aren't going to do themselves so sadly it's time to stick my work head on- booooooo! 

It's hard not just counting the weeks until maternity leave, when every day will be like Saturday. Bring. it.


  1. Aah what a lovely weekend!! What a lovely way to relax after the week you've had i can imagine! This time last year I was counting down the weeks until my maternity leave, I'm so sad it's flown by so quickly and my baby boy will be 1 at the very end of Nov! I'm back at work now but only 3 days a week so I really love having the long weekends!
    Marina xx
    P.S. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post just now, glad i'm not the only one (re: Hugh! :) ) xx

    1. I'd love to go back part time, hopefully finances will allow it. And don't get me started on Hugh! I'm not sure if it's him that appeals so much (although he is divine) but I think it's the full package of his cooking/ growing veg/ gorgeous rural home etc... opps, did I dribble a little there?x

    2. PPS- All the best boys are born in November.x

  2. Love these pics! Looks like a great time!
    Thanks for stopping by monkeys and tutus today too!

  3. Ben is the image of his dad isn't he. I love family days out like this. I wish we got to do it more. I remember counting down the weeks til my maternoty leave too. Except we had the added stress of moving house about 2 weeks before I was due! Never again! x

  4. Aw - look like you all had a wonderful weekend. I loved weekends when my boys were little - we had such fun!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. i must say that pizza looks uh-mazing!!!

  6. A delicious weekend all around!! Woot to maternity leave!