Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sunday Summary

Yes, I know... it's Tuesday! Unfortunately I've not been feeling the best (see below if you're interested in pregnancy related stuff- if not I won't bore you with it!) Never mind, here's a belated snapshot of the weekend anyway...

Steve was away this weekend so I was both mammy and daddy (hence I felt justified in using his mug)! Let's get this straight, I am not a woman who pines and mourns when away from my other half (not that there's anything wrong with that), I actively look forward to it! The bed to myself, time with Ben all to myself- I love it! I know some people have to be away from loved ones for long periods and that must be tough but when it's a rarity (as it is for Steve and I), it's divine! 

The vegetable basket is looking remarkably autumnal at the moment. I'm eager to get started on some soup making and cosy down for some hibernating in this cold weather (it's raining so much we have flooding here).

I'm a bit cheeky popping this in as part of the weekend summary but I have to mention that we went to see 'Oliver!' at the Theatre Royal on Tuesday with some of Ben's friends from school. A fab time was had by all although sadly we were sat in front of some people who have a lot to learn about theatre etiquette- I think our well behaved seven year olds could have taught them a thing or two...Grrrrrrr.

We popped into Newcastle for Ben's break dancing class at the weekend and my mum couldn't help treating us to this towel from Marks and Spencer and these cute trousers and baby gro (I love the knee patches) from the Next sale. At the moment we still don't know the sex of the baby (and we can't decide if we want to find out; we didn't with Ben) so we're buying all unisex at the moment.

And finally (excuse poor quality of photo- it was taken in the dark), this is Gizzy making himself comfy on a cushion that had fallen on the floor! This was Sunday night when we were all curled up with candles and the heating on! 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.xxx

PS (pregnancy related)- I'm actually off work at the moment suffering from sciatica (a trapped nerve). It started playing up on Sunday night and then had me awake from the stupidly very early hours of Monday morning. Being pregnant, there's little the doctor can do; she advised hot water bottles and gentle exercise. Seems a little better today so hopefully it'll just be a short term thing.


  1. Hope you feel better soon.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Ouch! I am so sorry to hear about the sciatica-- hang in there! The rest of the weekend {+ Oliver} looked lovely.

  3. Candles burning, heat keeping the chill away equals a relaxing evening for everyone including the dog, love that photo.
    Wishing a speedy recovery.

  4. gah pregnancy seems so intimidating, with trapped nerves and whatnot. I hope you keep feeling even better :( and i'm the same way with loved ones. even though i love my boyfriend to pieces, i very much like my alone time

    1. Haha, I shouldn't complain Marlen as I've been blessed with one (and a half!) straight forward pregnancies. They really are magical- despite the little bumps along the way.x

  5. hope you feel better, get well soon!


  6. Thank you all for all your kind wishes- still not at work but hopefully it won't last much longer. I should say though, after having the scare a few weeks ago- I'm just really happy to be pregnant!xxx