Thursday, 27 September 2012

Beauty Heroes (4-5)

The Beauty Hero Rules:
1. I have to have used the item for over six months
2. The item must have been re-purchased at least once

You can revisit the purpose of the quest and number 1-3 here.

Soap and Glory
Recognisable by their distinctive packaging, Soap and Glory products are an absolute winner with me as they generally do what they say and smell edible (literally, there are moments where I have had to stop myself having a little lick/nibble)! I couldn't pick one product from their range as I have re-bought almost everything I've bought/ been given. That said, I would NOT recommend their cosmetics- the company's bread and body butter is bath products/ moisturisers and generally I think they'd be better leaving cosmetics to the big guns who already specialise in that area. The moisturisers smell so distinctive that (blush) on two separate occasions when I've went for my smears, the (female) doctors have said "Ohhh, have you moisturised with Soap and Glory?"!I can't narrow down this range to just one product to be a hero so here are my top five:

  • The Righteous Butter (body butter)
  • Sugar Scrub (above)
  • Glow lotion (for a subtle shimmer)
  • Easy Glistening (gorgeous spray I use lightly on legs)
  • One Night Tanned (a spray on instant self tan that works best when blended with a tanning mitt and a little moisturiser)
Note- I couldn't find the bottom two on their website but they are in store at Boots etc.

Barry M Nail Polish
In terms of quality, I would say that Barry M polishes are comparable to Jessica or Nails Inc but the reason they achieve 'hero' status is that they are half the price of such polishes and offer a fantastic range of fashion forward colours. At around £4 a bottle (and often less with 3 for 2 offers etc), they offer fantastic value for money and reasonable longevity. As well as the usual colours, they also offer a range of nail art polishes but although I've experimented with these in the past, they just aren't my cup of tea (I feel that anything beyond a splash of glitter looks a little contrived). Colours I've repurchased (can't remember exact names) are: lilac, navy, a murky brown, a plum and what I call a 'tarty' red!

As ever, I'd love to hear all about your beauty


  1. Definitely agree on the Barry M. That pastel colour combination in your photo is one of my favourites. I've never really tried Soap & Glory other than the hand cream which I love. I'd be well up for it though, if someone wants to buy it me as a lil gift! xx

  2. Avid Soap & Glory fan here! Never tried Barry M, but adding it to my shopping list for sure~*

  3. I can't live without Neutrogena makeup remover wipes - they are my savoir at the end of every day! xx

    1. I might have to try them; I'm guilty of being lazy and not bothering to remove my make-up on a reasonably regular basis so maybe those wipes would

  4. preaching the converted here -love soap and glory and we're all Barry M fans here! it's great stuff!

  5. I cannot live without my soap and glory hand cream! I also adore Barry m, great post :)

  6. Hiya! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow! I'm following you back now. :)

    I've actually never tried any S&G products, but have been eyeing their Hand Food hand cream after hearing so many raves about it. It'll probably be my next purchase once I'm out of my current one! And I love their packaging as well. So amazingly retro. <3 x