Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A little birthday tea

Last night we had a small party tea for Neil's birthday. It was just a simple affair but a great excuse for a party tea (Ben's favourite). (Sometimes it's only when you look at a photo you notice the bits where you've re-plastered and forgot to paint back over them-oops!)

I was so relieved that the birthday cake turned out okay, it was a recipe that I'd used before for orange and almond cupcakes but I was a bit anxious to see whether or not it would work as a cake. It did- yum yum! I'd be happy to share the recipe if anybody's interested (and as a side note- cupcake recipes translate fine as cakes, you just need to cook them longer than the instructions. Just keep an eye and when they start to turn golden, pop a knife in and check it comes out clean- if so it's ready).

Hope you're all well- still suffering from sciatica here but baby happy and kicking so we're still all


  1. Looks just scrumptious! Too funny about the plaster {the pic looked lovely, though} & so sorry about the sciatica still acting up. Take care of yourself!

  2. Adorable cake. Love the stars.

  3. Precious post! i adore that cake. So cute!
    Love to hear your thoughts on my latest post!

  4. Now this is my kind of birthday :) Small and casual.. my fave! Thanks so much for the follow and the sweet comment :) Following you back now as well... Have a wonderful day!!