Monday, 23 January 2012

Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away...

How quickly Monday comes around! Monday morning is the only time I envy those who work at home/ in offices: normally because I've had a late night on Sunday (23:30 last night), in denial that I need to be up at 05:50 to walk Gizzy and get sorted for work. Nevermind, at least there is always the comforting thought of yesterday...

After our early morning visit yesterday we went for a walk to the beautiful Thornley Woods. All my family know this woodland as the 'Feely Box' as, since we were tiny, the visitor centre has a box of random items such as pine cones, birds nests, sheep skull etc that you were allowed to feel and explore; it was exciting as a child to be told you were allowed to touch such delicate things! Hence there would be many a Sunday we would ask to go for a walk to the 'Feeley Box'. Sadly, the centre was shut today for some renovation work (finished end of February), but there was still an exciting sculpture trail that had been created since we last visited.

{Can't believe how grown up, and beautiful, Ben looks here}

{Boys in trees}

{Piggy backs- Ben making the most of the fact that I can still (just) about carry him}

{Ben took this- quite the budding photographer!}


{Afterwards we stopped for hot chocolate and cakes at Gibside}

{His Victoria sponge might have been bigger but my beetroot cake was certainly tastier!}


  1. So gorgeous! I love your blog and am now following.
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  2. Thank you for being my first follower/ comment, I'm very flattered! Obviously I was dying to look at your blog and was captured by your beautiful photography. Your posts are inspiring without being pretentious- you have yourself another fan! R x