Sunday, 15 January 2012

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Being Sunday, today was very much about traditional Sunday activities. We popped in to see two sets of grandparents; my mum (who hadn't been feeling well) and Steve's grandma (Ben's great grandma) who had also not been feeling her usual perky self.

We also payed a visit to the market on Newcastle Quayside. It was a beautifully sunny, but freezing cold, day and we stopped to warm ourselves with burgers and currywrust from the German food stall- it was delish!

It had the most unbelievable selection of sauces! I opted for garlic mayo and some sort of spicy chilli sauce, Steve ended up with most of the sauce on his gloves whereas Ben had it all over his face.

{Steve already pointed out that I look a bit 'rubber faced' in this photo-thanks! That said, I do agree with him.And yes, that is a photo of a grown woman wearing ear muffs}

We walked along the river a little way to burn off the calories and take in the lovely winter weather.

{The Baltic Art Gallery and Millenium Bridge}
{The Sage Music Venue and some lucky people}

We didn't get far before we spotted this macaroon stall (below). Now there were plenty of tasty cupcake stalls too, but in my experience, the cakes from markets like this tend to look beautiful but taste a bit, well, 'blah'. I have to say, we're really glad we did opt for these bad boys; our favourite flavours (yes, we have eaten them already) were: salted caramel, peanut butter and jelly and popcorn. 

In fact, they were so tasty that I've decided to have some instead of a birthday cake for my 30th. They were £4:50 for 10 which means that I could get 40 for less than £20- a bargain when you think how much you would spend on a bought cake.

We're now tucked up back in the warm with the boys watching the football an me watching (or rather, glaring at) the pile of books in the corner that needs marking. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the weekend to be over yet! There's still an evening walk with Gizzy to enjoy and later on the second episode of series one of 'The Wire'. Back to the grindstone tomorrow, for us at least.x

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