Saturday, 21 January 2012

Feed the soul... then the face

Who would Adam and Eve it! Despite no work and no boy, I was still awake early and up with the larks. Not that I'm complaining. I took it as an opportunity to catch up with a film I'd been meaning to watch and made some tasty breakfast which I'll share with you later this week.

So far the day looked like this:

{Pondering the art at The Laing Art Gallery}

After we went to the beautiful old Grainger Market. It was splendid once upon a time but went a bit downhill over the years.  Happily, it is now buzzing with atmosphere and a great place to peruse.

We floated round the shops for an hour afterwards. Steve got some new work shoes in The Office sale (I'd show you but it's nothing exciting: brown leather- not much else to say). As he has giant feet (size 12) he is lucky and can get great deals in the sales.

We popped into Fenwick's Foodhall, sadly, we didn't have time to have a good browse but we did quickly grab a couple of handsome looking peach melbas and after popped to H&M to get these beautiful shoes for my friends who just had a baby.

Steve's watching the football as I write then we'll take Gizzy out and try to pretend I don't have a pile of marking to do (oh the joys of teaching). Never mind, still a lovely meal to look forward to, the return of the boy tomorrow and a visit to see my friends and the newest member of their family.x

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