Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Park Life

I'm sure there are a whole host of parents/ step-parents/ carers/ grandparents etc out there who would totally diasagree with me but...

I like my parks with an element of risk!

A child of the 80s, I remember slipping under the bars of a swing straight onto the concrete below. For weeks I proudly displayed my 'egg' bump and learnt a valuable lesson- basically, don't let your dad push you too high!Seriously though, we were thrilled on Christmas day when we found the park near Great Grandma's had this new addition:

Both boys thoroughly enjoyed it:

Don't misunderstand me, I think it's reckless to take silly risks with our children, but I'm all for well considered and calculated risks. Climbing frames are thrilling because you may fall- you have to focus and learn what your body is (and isn't) capable of. I'm sure lots of people could message horror stories of tragic accidents that have taken place in play areas, but I'm also sure that there are even more accidents that take place in the home.

Due to overly zealous health and saftey regulations, there was a phase (in England at least) where the construction of new play areas seemed to foucs on the safe and the known.

Personally, we're excited to see the re-emergence of more risky (and fun) play areas in this country- bring it on!

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