Friday, 20 January 2012

A VERY quiet weekend

I have such mixed feelings this weekend as we're spending tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night (gulp!) without Ben. I won't see my boy till Sunday! Ben is off to his grandparents as they wanted to have some quality time with him and are taking him to the theatre tomorrow.  My sensible head tells me he'll love it and it'll be great to have some adult time BUT my mammy brain can't help but notice how quiet the house is without the boy!

So, what to do with a child-free evening?

{Excuse the pout, I was about to sip my drink. Excuse the scary lady behind me... I have no excuse for her!}

Excuse our sleepy heads... we always look this shattered on a Friday (sad times). We rang to say goodnight to Ben and Steve's mum scolded us for being home before seven on a date night. I'm not too worried: we have a whole weekend together! Tomorrow we're off to town in the morning, home in the afternoon for some school work and finally out for a meal for our anniversary- good times. 

Well, I'm going to kick Steve out of the bath now so I can jump in, jump in my PJs, open a bottle of vino and check out a bit more of 'The Wire'. 

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