Friday, 27 January 2012

... and relax.

A busy week for all of the family this week. It's great to feel productive but I have to say, I was pretty excited to relax this evening and begin the mental wind-down for the weekend. 

This weekend I've avoided turned our leisure time into another 'to-do' list. I made cottage pie and green salad while Steve and Ben took Gizzy out. After a near-dinner-disaster was narrowly avoided (don't ask), Steve and Ben played with some Lego while I relaxed in a bath. The problem was, that half way through my bath, this appeared in it:

{Biased I know, but he is rather lovely}

Hope your Friday is a wonderful start to the weekend for you.x


  1. Thank you! I noticed on your site you are skilled in the photography department; I bought a Lomography Diana camera as a 'whole family' sort of present at Christmas. Any tips for using one? R x