Sunday, 29 January 2012

... and relax...again!

Yesterday the relaxation continued! My mum came over and we went food shopping together. We joined Slimming World on Thursday (after my own vain attempt to loose that extra tyre that sits around my middle), so we sat and planned what we would eat for the week and then went food shopping.

After, my mum stayed for lunch, and, in the second cooking disaster of the weekend(!) I managed to totally mess it up! I was halfway through a recipe for falafel when it said 'Refrigerate for eight hours'. Eight hours; that's a long time to wait for lunch! Needless to say I gave up and we ate something else.

We all took Gizzy out for a walk together and then we curled up on the sofa to watch the second 'Lord of the Rings' film. We're currently reading the book to Ben and we've passed 800 pages, mind you, it's taken since Easter 2011 as we tend to save it for long car journeys.

{Don't be fooled, I was in my PJs too moments after this photo was taken}

Following the theme of the weekend (relaxation), we went to the cinema to see 'Cars 2'. Odeon have a great deal where it's only £1.50 for a none-new release kid's film- does that make sense? It was pretty awful but Ben enjoyed it and for less than a fiver for the three of us, who can complain?

We went to the cinema with friends and were amused by Ben and their daughter Eve: as we walked up to Nando's together for lunch they looked like they were on a mini-date together. Unfortunately we missed the two of them strolling ahead of us holding hands, but Steve got this on of them as we arrived and they walked up to the maitre d', we almost expected them to ask for a quiet table for two!  

Sadly for me, Nando's isn't great for my diet (sorry, I mean, healthy eating plan) so I'll have to be really good for the next few days.

Before heading home, we popped in to see Grandma/ Great Grandma (to Ben). Steve's Uncle Herbie was there too- it's amazing to have four generations in one room!

Following a bad fall many years back she's bedridden at home but, as her name suggests, Joy is always in high spirits! During the photo with Steve she suggested they hand jive and when I was having my photo taken it turned into a pile- on!

{Ben with Great Grandma Joy}

{The dance-off!}

{The pile-on. Don't worry, no Great Grandmas were harmed in the taking of this photo!}

Hope your weekend was as

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