Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Summary (and a question)

Firstly, before I tell you about the weekend, a question for you all: how do you decide if you should blog about personal matters? Something happened this week that is pretty major but I'm unsure whether to share or not? How did you all feel about sharing the more personal aspects of your life? Do you ever regret posting about them or have you made the conscious decision not to?

Anyway, back to the weekend...

This morning we went to my friend Nadia's allotment to meet her ducks/ chickens:

{You'll notice Ben now has short hair after a second incident of him 'playing hairdresser' occurred at school! We had to take him for a severe chop.}

Ben is eager to go back again and spend some time there doing some digging and enjoying a picnic- sounds like a grand plan to me!

Afterwards we met with four other families from Ben's school and had a great day at Woodhorn Colliery- link! We had a great time playing football, finding out about coal mining, eating a picnic and enjoying a ride on the miniature steam train.
{Me, wind swept and enjoying the train ride}

{The beautiful modern structure juxtaposed with the traditional}

{A brilliant day!}

{Spot the ball- you won't spot the women as we were all stood chatting at this point!}

I'll try to post a bit more often this week, but as I said, we've been thrown a bit of a curve ball and 'normal life' has taken a bit of a back seat.

Can you believe next weekend I turn thirty? Happy weekend folks.x


  1. I do not know how you can cram so many things into a weekend! You have amazing energy~*

    As far as your question goes, here is my advice {for what it is worth}. You have to consider that anyone can read your blog-- not just strangers, but everyone you know. I always ask myself if I would be comfortable with one of my students reading my post {or the people I work with, family members, etc}. If I am okay with everyone I know reading the post, then I go ahead and post it-- for the most part, people online are actually quite nice, sympathetic & happy to offer advice or encouragement. I haven't posted anything I regret posting-- & people I know who do regret blogging something, do so because someone they know read it and reacted badly.

    And happy almost 30!

  2. I keep hens on the farm and they are quite fascinating!!

    I think we just need to be careful when blogging about personal issues because we never truly know who's reading our blog. If we've told a few friends about it, and perhaps some family members, what's to say they haven't told their friends...and so things may come to light that weren't meant to be talked about. I think you have to trust your instinct on this one.

    CJ x

  3. What fun this must have been, trust your heart on what you want to share.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. fun pics!! what you put out here is out here for everyone! good luck working through everything!