Friday, 23 March 2012

Birthday weekend (Day 1)

Last weekend I waved goodbye to my twenties and welcomed the wonderful thirties. It was a beautifully relaxed weekend in the Lakes and I can't believe it was a week ago already!

We arrived late on Friday with pretty awful weather and went virtually straight to bed. That was fine though because we woke in the morning to this view:
{Ben and I on the decking at the caravan}

We all woke up at six (grrr, curse you body clock), so headed out early to Kirkby Lonsdale- link! It's a pretty little village with gorgeous shops and coffee shops. We explored the beautiful graveyard which was reminiscent of a Gothic novel:

We went on a walk by the lovely river and Steve and Ben went 'off road' for a bit while I was a wuss and stuck to the path.

After, we stopped off at Low Sizergh Barn Farm Shop- link! which is a wonderful place we've visited several times. There is a wide range of fab food, a lovely walk and, depending what time you get there, you can watch the cows being milked or watch them have their dinner. Brilliant if you have young ones.

After, we popped into Kendal- link! and walked by the river and stopped at the park; it seems crazy that we managed to fit so much in but I guess that's the joy of waking at six!

I had a wonderful surprise party thrown for me on the evening- I say surprise... Steve 'suggested' I go for a lie down for a bit (well, it's hard to surprise anybody in a caravan).
{There were presents}
{There was cake}
{There was an AWFUL lot of party games}
{There was ridiculous facial hair- lack of clothes is due to over heating from party games}
{Excuse that I look a bit disheveled after all of my dancing}
{A birthday kiss}

All of this and I wasn't even thirty until the next day!


  1. What a brilliant way to start your 30's. Even if you were a day early! Wished I'd started my blog when I turned 30 last year. Hopefully I'll still be blogging when my 40th comes around haha. x

    1. Haha, I imagine by then they'll have some crazy invention where the person appears in your room and chats to you!x