Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lent Update

So, when we gave up TV for Lent, I hoped to get loads of crafts done and spend my time doing something, well, more valuable. So far, I'd say I've done that 50% of the time. I've...
Made Easter Nests (when it's not even Easter yet)!
Got a bit more work done on the long stitch I started for my dad over a year ago!

Aside from the above, no TV has had some positive impact:

  • House is tidier than normal
  • Lots of bubble baths
  • Earlier nights= more sleep= happy Rachael
  • Reading lots of lovely books
  • Went to a Zumba class I'd never been to before

But there has also been a few negatives:

  • Restlessness- sometimes I just need to watch rubbish and unwind
  • Hefty investment in trashy glossy magazines- for when I just need a quick fix of brain junk
  • I can't contribute much to some conversations: "Ohhhh, did you see the final of Masterchef?" Mmmmm, let me think...That'll be a no then!
  • I haven't got any more school work done than normal (I hoped I'd be totally up to date). There's something about marking a pile of exercise books at ten o'clock at night that just doesn't appeal- TV or no TV!
Ben and Steve are to be truly tested on Sunday when there is a derby football match on the TV, I'm very curious to see if they fold under the pressure!

One things for sure, I'm going to be watching a lot of trash TV on Easter Sunday evening!


  1. Wow, you gave up tv! That's a real challenge. I just gave up chips. Good luck!
    Keep in touch~
    Eau de Violet
    p.s. the nests are super cute!

  2. Giving up tv is a great idea because it actually frees up time and gives you the opportunity to reflect as opposed to giving up candy or a favorite drink (or something else along those lines). I feel like it's a great opportunity to really get something out of it. Good for you!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by our little blog earlier this week and for your sweet comments about my girls.
    I gave up nutella for lent. It is almost killing me.
    Good luck!