Monday, 8 October 2012

Sunday Summary

Should I just rename this the Monday Summary ,given that's it's nearly always late anyway?

This weekend I've been taking it easy as I'm still not back at work and this pregnancy is proving to be more of a challenge than when I was expecting Ben (nb- I'm not complaining here, I know we're very blessed to be expecting).


Friday was craft night with the mums from Ben's school (I'll post on this later)

Saturday was Ben's break dancing class and then my lovely friend Emmie gave me a lesson on how to use a sewing machine (I hadn't touched one since school). The evening was spent on the sofa vegging out!

Sunday we went for a walk on the beach...

{My boys}

{Ben and Granny Smith}

{Yummy- I went for a tub of pistashio and hazelnut praline, Ben has bubblegum, Mum had ginger and banana and Steve had... none- he's being 'good'}

{Picnic time}

Finally got round to sorting some more holiday snaps so the next post will be on the stunning city of Paris.

Hope you all had a super duper


  1. Wonderful pics {and can't wait to see more Paris}-- take it easy & be careful with yourself!

  2. Those flavors sound delicious! How can someone not get ice cream while there?!

    1. Don't worry, I had enough for both of us! Rxxx

  3. Glad to know you have a great weekend with the family and can't wait to see til you post your Paris! getaway!