Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug!

The Rules
1. If you are given the Blog Bug award, you must answer the questions that follow and the title of the post should be "I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug".
2. You must give the link of where you originally got this award and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments in their blog.

1. When and why did you start blogging?

In January of this year- I'm a still a 'newbie' to the world of blogging. At the point when I started blogging, I'd already been following other bloggers for about a year and loved the idea of documenting your life but also having an interactive and community element that a diary just doesn't offer.

2. What do you love to blog about and why do you like it?

My favourite blog is probably just my 'Sunday Summary' as it tends to just cover the usual things we do on a weekend. Important events in life (birthdays/ holidays etc) are easy to remember but I love being able to just look back on what we were doing at that point on an average weekend. I imagine the satisfaction of this will grow even more when I have years to look back over, rather than just months.

3. How did you get your blog name?

It's our family name and the blog was intended to be our story- it was that simple (plus, being an English teacher, I'm a sucker for a bit of alliteration).

4. What do you think is your best post yet?

Is that not for the readers to decide? I enjoy writing all my posts (otherwise I wouldn't bother), but I guess it was pretty exciting to share the news of our pregnancy.

5. What is your inspiration for blogging at present?

My 'Inspired by you guys' posts document a few of the things that have inspired me from the net and I always link them back to their original source. I love all the ideas you can get from the net, my favourites are recipes and easy crafts.

In my day to day life, my pregnancy is pretty all consuming although I don't want my blog to become consumed by it! It's great to share bits and pieces, but I think it's generally only close friends and family who want to hear every detail of your pregnancy!

6. Message for your readers?

Just a simple thank you: firstly for all of your inspiring blogs and secondly so I don't feel a bit strange just writing off into the abyss! It's lovely to get your feedback.

I award:

Leticia- My Everyday Fairy Tale- pop over and check out her blog and her gorgeous new baby.

'Peanut'- A handful of peanuts- another beautiful mother with a new baby.

Tabetha - The Closet Intellectual - ANOTHER stunning mother (are you getting the theme here); she's one of the bloggers  I've followed for a while and I look forward to her posts. I'm convinced if we lived near each other, Tabetha and I would be great friends!

And last but most certainly not least, thank you to Sneha at Sneha Says for the nomination. xxx

Pregnancy PS- it's our 20 week scan today- so excited! I really want to find out what we're having but Steve doesn't- how frustrating! I'm secretly hoping he may fold and give in if I bed/ whinge/ annoy/ bribe him enough in the waiting room. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. You are the bestest!! I have no doubt at all we'd be great friends if only there wasn't that pesky ocean in the way lol.
    Can I throw my vote in for finding out the babies gender? Tell Steve you are under pressure from your blog audience to do a reveal {inquiring minds want to know & whatnot}!!

  2. Oh gosh good luck with the scan! I think blogging serves as a great diary and often wonder whether I will look back in years to come and remember these moments in my life xxx

  3. great post - i always love learning about other bloggers out there!


  4. Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog. Hope you have a lovely day!

    XO Elsie + Emma.

  5. Rachael, in answer to your questions. Kangaroo care is skin to skin contact. There have been studies about kangaroo care and premature babies and how the babies did better with the closeness of their parent. Google it to read more. We also co-sleep with our babies for this reason. The hospital did provide the abdominal binder it's a lot like a girdle, I would ask your doctor if he/she knows anything about it. I was able to breast feed as soon as I got into the recovery room. Breast feeding is one of my favorite things about being a new mommy!! As far as recovery goes, my mom took my other children for two weeks while I recovered to feel human again. :) I literally did nothing except watch MI-5 for two weeks! Something's that helped when I got my kids back were, I had made freezer meals, (anything you can heat up and eat quickly), my husband obviously helped, and I have good friends who would take the kids for me if I needed them too. But really my mom having the three older kids while I recovered was quite crucial. Good luck, pretty lady! I look forward to reading and seeing how everything unfolds for you! :) also thanks for nominating my for the "I got bitten by the blog bug" I hope to get to it tomorrow.

    1. Thank you for your detailed answer... I've posted some further questions on your blog! xxx

  6. Congratulations on your award. It was great to learn more about you!