Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday Sparkle

Sooo, I promised I wasn't going to buy anything as we're trying to watch money at the moment... but you can't hold a good magpie down and so today I indulged in some sparkle from H&M. These neck baubles were around £6-£8 each (although the last one might be going back- I have to worry when even my eight year old tells me it looks cheap)!

Other than that we went for a gorgeous giant walk this morning and tonight I'm hoping to drag Steve into Newcastle for a cheeky beverage or two (he's in reluctant fuddy duddy mode at the moment so we'll have to see about that one). 

Oh Saturday- I really could just smooch you, what a beautiful day you are! Hope you're all enjoying


  1. Oh no wonder you had to buy those! They are gorgeous! :)

  2. OK, so I don't feel so bad for coveting your jewelry when I am watching money, too! You have to be good to yourself every now and then.

    1. That's what I'm telling myself too : ) x

  3. Very pretty selections, the pink is my favorite. I love Saturdays too - enjoy your weekend!

  4. Ohh, those are just LOVELY! Love your blog!

    Here's mine if you'd like to take a look:


  5. Oh I just saw that first necklace! Such a beauty, I'm ur new follower, hope we can follow each other.

    Romi x

  6. These are some beautiful necklaces! Got to love H and M!

  7. love all those necklaces, just like you i too need to watch my purse but sometimes a girl cant help it! thanks for dropping by my blog and left a comment, i'm your newest follower :)

    x susan

  8. Hi dear friend Rachel, Thank you for visiting my blog. Thank you very much. I found your very beautiful blog and I am your new member just now. I will follow your blog very closer. I am very pleased to meet you.. Thank you and best wishes..:))