Friday, 13 April 2012

Goodness gracious me! The Liebster Award.

Imagine my surprise when, half asleep this morning, I logged in to see that I had been put forward for not just one, but two blogging awards! I'd like to thank my parents, my teachers...

No, seriously though, it's lovely to know that those who stumble across this blog find some value in it.

So, let's start with the The Liebster Blog Award. To pinch the definition from the darling who nominated me: Liebster is a German word meaning 'dearest'. The only real specification is that the blog must have less than 200 followers, the premise being to share a little love and appreciation for those just taking their first tentative steps in to the world of blogging.

Firstly to thank Tabetha from The Closet Intellectual for the nomination (more on the lovely Tabetha later) and then my duty is then to select another five to share the love with, and so here they are:

Captains Locker Vintage Finds
Now, I know these are a shop and I've just assumed that they have under 200 followers (as it's relatively new) but I just see something special in this blog, for what my opinion matters, I reckon it'll go places! I love that it's laid back and unpretentious and I also heart the Captain's style in a big way- what a dashing young man! My only gripe with this blog? I'm dying to stick a possessive apostrophe in 'Captain's'- sorry, I can't help it (I'm an English teacher)!

Sweet Thing
Has this blog got 200 followers? I have no idea because it doesn't say but if not, it should! Gorgeous images have me lusting over all the sweet things and I love the clean, fresh look of the blog overall.

Lucy loves to blog
Oh to be young and beautiful! Lucy wears all the clothes I would if I were twenty and not thirty (sigh) but I enjoy living vicariously through her fashion choices. Fashion conscious but not a fashion slave, the girl's got style.

Paper Thoughts Fabric Dreams
I love all things crafty and this blog is inspiring without being daunting and intimidating. Its combination of 'the best of bits from the net' mixed with lovely ideas is a winning combination and reminds me of A Beautiful Mess which is one of my all time favourites.

A Closet Intellectual
Am I allowed to nominate this blog as they nominated me? Well, I don't care whether I am or not (I've always been a bit of a rebel)! If there is one word I would use to describe this blog it would be 'sunshine': a little ray of sun in my day that perks me up and brightens my mood. I think I hold this blog close to my heart as I think it's similar to my own, but hopefully that's a good thing!

Congratulations to all you bloggers and keep spreading the Liebster Love!


  1. I am so proud to be... re-nominated? You are fantastic {& I'm not just sayin' that because you nominated me lol}

  2. Congrats on your two awards! I found you through The Closet Intellectual, and am now a happy follower. Have a great weekend!

    1. Why thank you! I had a cheeky peak over at yours and needless to say I'm now a follower! Your blog reminds me of my own with a bit of a mish mash of everything (in a good way)!x

  3. Congratulations on two awards, you lucky thing! Thank you for nominating me, you don't even realise how happy it's made me!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Glad to Lucy, I've love discovering a fab new blog like yours.x