Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Summary 1

On Saturday the weather was glorious, it was frustrating that we spent most of the day having to run yawnsome errands rather than making the most of the beautiful sunshine. However, in the evening we were off to the evening wedding party of friends Clara and Jamie, taking place on a gorgeous farm in the Northumberland countryside.

The whole thing was pretty spectacular, the most amazing part (and saying a lot about how much these two are loved) is that nearly everything was given or made for them, from the real ales, to the HUGE vegetarian banquet to the even huger marque that the dancing took place in- all made just for their special day. 

We did have our 'smart' shoes with us, but after we spotted the bride had swapped her sandals for white trainers, we took our cue from her and grabbed our wellies from the car.

Excuse the lack of decent photos, a certain 13 week old baby decided he didn't want to miss a single second and was pretty much wide awake the whole evening!

{Just after the bouquet thrown... and caught by the 87 year old grandma!}

{Ben and the beautiful bride}

{Ben and the boys}

{Fading light}

{The baby that would not sleep}

{Ben and Alex}

Congratulations guys and enjoy the honeymoon (which they are spending in a lighthouse- how romantic!)xxx


  1. It's so cool how everything was made for them. It looks like a great deal of fun was had. Thanks for the comment :)