Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Summary (Life lately)

This isn't strictly restricted to Sunday but hey ho! Here's a summary of our half term escapades:
{A rare date night at a local Lebanese restaurant} 

{Tree climbing}

{Horse riding- how cute are the little ear muffs to keep the flies out? NB- Ben didn't have a helmet on as it was only a short guided walk}}

{A terrifying friendly scarecrow}

{And to think he's the father of my children!}

{On the farm}

Photos taken from both the Lakes and at home. Seriously don't know how the time crept away from us!

Hope you're all enjoyed the holidays if you were lucky enough to have half-term


  1. Oh my gosh I love the little ear covers for the horse! I haven't been horse riding in so long, I would love to go again soon <3

  2. The father of your children is Wolverine?!?! Too cool my friend, too cool~*

  3. Oh that dinner looks delish! And those wee little horsey ear muffs...too cute! Hope your day is a lovely one. Steph :) x