Friday, 6 July 2012

Stuff I wear... for the 'rents' anniversary meal

My mum and dad celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary a few weeks ago- forty years! Wowza, so full of admiration for them! It's strange sometimes to think of them as a partnership and not just part of my own family unit, but they're clearly a team who work well together.

We popped into Newcastle a few days earlier and I picked up this colourful number in the sale from Primarni (Primarc) for a mere ten pounds. I initially bout it for France but as it's lined in some cheap, nasty fabric, I realised it would be far too hot. Instead, I was forced to wear it with grim black tights due to our terrible English weather. The belt came with it and I love the cheeky flash of flesh on the back too. 


{Back. Hard to see but hair is in a teeny tiny bun, tied with a black ribbon}

{The side view, mid-turn, while telling Steve not to chop my legs off}

If you live in the North East of England, we went to Cafe Twenty One and I'd highly recommend it: there were nine of us (each having three courses) and each dish was flawless.

Happy Friday

PS- Thank you all for the well wishes for Ben. He's on the mend now and his mischievous grin has returned (which is always reassuring).


  1. Great dress, definitely best with black tights and heels or bare legs and sandals for when it's finally warm, you really suit it!

  2. Hi my dear friend, I like your dress so so much. Expecially bright colors.. So pretty..:))
    You seem so cute...:))
    Good wishes...

  3. Super cute dress! I simply love those bright colors!

  4. I love that dress & it looks perfect on you! Glad to hear the boy is on the mend {phew!}

  5. Very cute dress, you look great and the color combo suits you! You would not be able to bear tights here, we are still in a heat wave, but they look great with the dress and your legs look fab.

  6. your dress is saturated & lovely. congratulations to your parents!

  7. Love the cute dress, and congrats to your parents for all their wonderful years together.

  8. Lovely dress and WOW to your mum and dad. 40 years is quite an achievement and I a great inspiration. The last photo made me laugh it's an action shot, heehee. x

  9. What a very pretty dress! I want one:)

  10. You look gorgeous even with the black tights :) Hows the weather up there? Down here in the SW it's been too hot! Didn't think I'd get to say that this year

    1. The weather is (finally) gorgeous! I'm trying my best not to complain about the heat at night as I've been waiting for weather like this all year!xxx

  11. Gorgeous dress!!

    Chloe xx

  12. the dress is gorgeous! I love the pop of color that has in it, blue and bright yellow!!! perfect!! love it so much!!! a kiss,THESPARKLINGCINNAMON <3
    p.s I'm now following you!!!

  13. Haven't stopped laughing yet, poor you having to wear 'grim' black tights. You really orta (not a word) splash out a little more on your tights. Good quality will not only fit you better, but will end up better value for money in the end; as long as you don't destroy them on the first day.....
    These tights I am wearing come from M&S, best quality tights at a reasonable price this year...