Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Summary

Well, last weekend seemed to whizz by at a ridiculous speed and so, imagine my dismay when Saturday seemed to do exactly the same!

It started off well when Steve picked me up from work with 'for no reason' flowers (and they happened to be my favourite type which translates as 'any that look like they've been freshly picked from a woodland or meadow'). We went home and ate, relaxed and snuggled up for an evening watching 'The Wire'. So far, so good.

But then Saturday came whizzing past (blink and you'd have missed it), and even though it too was lovely, I felt like I barely stopped to soak in how lovely it was.

I started the day doing a body pump session at the gym followed by a super quick dry trim at the hairdressers (as a money saving thing I only go to my more expensive salon one out of every three cuts for a thorough reshape and colour). Then it was off round the charity shops with my mum where I picked up a skirt and top for a fiver- bargain. After that we went to see my lovely cousin Jenny, her husband Adrian, their gorgeous son Irwin and their (as yet unnamed) beautiful new addition:
Can you believe my incredible cousin managed to produce this wonderful little boy at home, with a two hour labour and no drugs? Amazing.

After we got home and had tea, we decided to try and stretch out the remains of the day with a lovely walk with Gizzy where we managed to see rabbits, horses and even a stag! I love that we're starting to get hints of summer, this photo was taken at around 7 pm which is just lovely after months of grey, cold and dark drizzly evenings. An that was that, Saturday skipped by in a heartbeat!
Sunday (thankfully)was a little slower. I sweated my backside off at Urban Bounce at the gym then came back and spent an hour in the garden, mowing the lawn and tidying the beds. I was joined by Ben and we planted some spinach and peas and I have to say, that time with the sun on our necks, messing round in the dirt- just felt like heaven! 
{Benjy has made a crafty appearance in this photo too}

Then (and the highlight of my day), we went to the Blagdon Estate for a charity open day. It is just one of the most beautiful places but even though it's very local, it is a private estate and so it was the first time we'd been inside. It's like a fairy tale:
{Ben and I at the lake- how amazing would it be to go wild swimming here?}
{Just one photo of the amazing plant life}
{Poor quality photo but you can just about make out the old stone bridge in the back ground}
{My boys}

After Steve and I went on a cheeky 'date': afternoon tea at The Fisherman's Lodge. Although it was lovely, it did feel a bit strange being in a dimly lit room when the weather was so glorious outside.

{The dopey grin you see here is the way my facial muscles naturally respond to scones}
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend folks!xxx


  1. Personally, I think dopey grins are the most appropriate way to respond to scones. Your pictures of Blagdon Estate are beautiful! Looks like you and your family had a fun (and busy!) weekend!

  2. My face does that when I see scones too-lol!! It looks gorgeous where you are, you are so lucky. I know your weekend has flown by but you have filled it with lovely things. :-) xx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Everyone looks happy & lovely,-- a smashing grand weekend had by all!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend (except for the exercising part, lol)! Mine flew by too but involved much less picturesque activities. I hope you have a lovely week as well!

  5. gorgeous outfit, gorgeous weekend too! That is in fact the correct expression to pull when offered scones.

  6. What a weekend! It sounds and looks like you were busy with some pretty wonderful things. The latest addition to your cousins family is beautiful :] So are the photos from the estate!

  7. A baby, your two favorite guy, beautiful scenery, food, and cute clothes sure made you have an amazing weekend. Sounds like you had a great time, lovely photos.

  8. Sounds amazing! I love your outfit!

  9. It sounds like you had a beautiful but busy weekend! Wow. I am glad you had so many things to do! Fun. Fun. Fun.

  10. Yum, scones! And that estate looks gorgeous. Sounds like lovely times. Flowers for no reason? Nice!

  11. HI Rachael, thank you for the comment on my blog.The cottage is called Lavender cottage, if you type lavender cottage whitby into google it will bring it up, alternatively you can go via the owners blog at Busybeestudio, she is one of my followers so you could click on the link to have a look that way! That is how I found her and the cottage.It is fab, would be perfect for you about an hours drive from Newcastle.

    1. Thank you so much for getting back to me, I'll defo look into it.x

  12. Your outfit in the last photo is amazing.
    I am glad that even though your weekend whizzed by it was a fantastic one!